Rules and Docs

1. Client Responsibilities

The client agrees to follow all instructions provided by the Company’s supervisor. Failure to comply with these instructions will be considered a breach of the rental agreement.

2. Vehicle Usage and Care

The client is responsible for properly locking the vehicle to a fixed element when not in use. The Company cannot be held liable for any damage or injury caused by the client. Modifying the vehicle or carrying additional passengers is strictly prohibited.

3. Vehicle Return

The client agrees to use the rented vehicle responsibly, take proper care of it, and return it, along with all accessories (helmet, waistcoat, and any other items provided by the Company), in the same condition as received.

4. Vehicle Inspection

A representative of the Company will assess the condition of the returned vehicle and determine if any repair is required. The client will be responsible for any repair costs based on the Company’s rates.

5. Deposit

As a deposit, the customer may choose between 2 options :

1. €50 and copy of ID for each vehicle 

2. In case there is no possibility to leave a money deposit – any valid document (ID or passport)  for each vehicle.

6. Damage and Loss

The company establishes the cost of a bike at €350 each, of an E-Scooter at €600 each and of an E-Bike at €1000 each.

The customer is responsible for correctly locking the bicycle to a fixed element at all times when not in use. They are responsible for the possible damage produced to themselves or to others as a result of an accident when using the bicycle. It is prohibited to make any modifications to the bicycle and to carry additional passengers.

It is highly recommended to park bikes at your apartment  \ in the hotel room or in the office of Tour Point. 

We  kindly recommend not leaving the bike parked at night in the streets.

7. Traffic Laws and Responsibilities

The client agrees to comply with all traffic laws and regulations and assumes responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the rental period. The client declares that they are in good health and capable of operating the vehicle.

8. Personal Data

In accordance with the provisions of Act 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, the data provided will be incorporated and processed in the Company’s registered databases for the purpose of providing the rented services and informing about the Company’s activities and services. The Company commits to treating the personal data provided in a confidential manner and not to disclose or transfer the information to third parties. The client has the right to access, rectify, cancel, and oppose this data by visiting the Company’s premises or by sending a letter to the following address: av. Del Puerto, 25, bajo 46021, Valencia.

9. Jurisdiction

The client submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Valencia for the resolution of any conflicts arising from this rental agreement. 

Emergency Kit Including special liquid, an air pump and punctured wheel reparation€20

Attendance to locations outside of the office: <5kms – €20 // >5kms – €40.

Vehicle theft The company establishes the cost of a bike at €400 each, and an E-Scooter (E-Bike) at €600 each.

The repairs fees payable are:

  • Bikes: punctured wheels €10 // protective chain cover €30 // extensive frame damage €10 // wheel €50 // gearshift pattern €40 // padlock €15 // seat padlock €5 // basket €25 // saddle €25 // helmet €20 // wheel bending intervention €15 // key €20 // brakes €15 // pedals €12 // light €12 // footstep €25
  • E-Scooter & E-Bike: footstep €20 // accelerator €40 // bell €30 // wheel puncture €30 // helmet €20 // back light €25 // front light €30 // wheel splash guard (front €30 / back €20) // wheel €50 // handlebar fixator €45 // handlebar €70 // braking system €50 // charger €40 // battery €150 // baby seat €70 // kid/dog trailer €300.